Welcome to League of Europe!

Home of the best Saturday night racing on PlayStation

Since opening our doors in February 2019, we have become a league that is European by name, but truly global by nature. In our 10 seasons of existence, we have seen more than 30 nationalities from 5 different continents represented on our grids, and we will continue to welcome drivers from all backgrounds into our community.

But we are not just a set of racing leagues, we are a community. Whereas many racing leagues will use PSN messages, or Twitter group DMs to communicate, where you’re forced into silent group chats with just the people in your division to keep you company, we go much further than that. Our community Discord server allows members from every division, and every game to communicate together. So yes, you will find a Division 1 driver trading pictures of their cat with a Gran Turismo 7 driver, and that’s the way it should be.

So if you’re looking for a friendly, competitive league racing experience, then League of Europe is the place for you. We don’t use premium memberships to get you into a seat. Our organisers aren’t involved in dodgy discord dealings. We have never been late in filing our accounts. We have never had to cancel divisions mid-season. Join us now!

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