FIFA 22 PlayStation

A World Cup winner’s medal. A Champions League winner’s medal. The League of Europe winner’s medal. These are the three things that every football player aims for, and here is your chance to do that. Welcome to FIFA @ League of Europe!

We run a season a few times a year, when the F1 season is bedded in and drivers are looking for a different kind of challenge. The format is as follows: all players choose 4 preferences for teams, and are then allocated one of these teams (no 2 players can have the same team). Everyone plays each other once, this means everyone will play 25 matches. The overall standings determine two divisions. Top 13 will be allocated into division one and the bottom 13 will be in division two. Then, everybody's points will be split in half. Again, everyone plays each other once, this means everyone will play 12 matches.

There is no set day for when you must play your matches. Instead, you will have to play 2 matches per week, and it is your responsibility to organise and play your matches by this point. Last season’s tournament witnessed some exceptionally close matches, with MShort17 eventually running out as the winner after defeating xSiBiNiOx in the final. Do you think you’re up to the challenge? It's time to give your best to try winning the third season of LoE FIFA on FIFA 21!