Rules | FIFA 22 PlayStation

Championship Format
  • Everyone plays against 2 opponents each week, between Monday and Sunday, 1 match per opponent
  • Your opponents of the week will be revealed by Larkin_4S or Carcanon
  • After 25 matches (13 weeks) the division will be split in half. Meaning, there will be 2 Divisions a upper (1) and a lower (2)
  • Also the points will be split in half. Half points will be rounded up (e.g. 60 becomes 30, 55 becomes 28...)
  • After the Division split everyone plays 2 matches a week, between Monday and Sunday, 1 per opponent. 12 matches (6 weeks)


  • We will have a top goalscorers statistic this year. To have this working we need a ingame picture of the goalscorers each game. The pictures can be posted in a seperated channel named goalscorers
  • You are responsible for your own matches
  • Rage quit means you'll receive a penalty of -1 point on your total amount of points

At the end, there will be:

  • A Division 1 and a Division 2 winner
  • 37 matches per player
  • A Top goalscorer winner



Game Settings
  • Half length - 6 minutes
  • Controls - Any
  • Game speed - normal
  • Squad type - Online
  • Attributes - Off